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Karthigha Nagaraj

My Culinary Chronicles
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So what would you like to know about me?
Who I am? Where I get my recipes from? Let’s get started…

I was born and raised in Madurai, Tamil Nadu and currently live in Memphis, Tennessee with my husband and 5 year old son.
I am a Home Cook, Home Baker, Home Chef and Food Lover
who likes to explore and experiment with various cuisines.

How it began…

I enjoy posting pictures of my home-cooked meals that look great, taste amazing and use simple, healthy and real ingredients. Everyday Ingredients. Things most people are familiar with.
I started getting lots of requests for my recipes and tips from friends and family and realized I should probably catalogue my creations online and make it easier to share.
And that’s how the idea to start a blog was born. A blog dedicated to cater specifically to the mighty home cooks. A blog listing my recipes made with a lot of love, patience and continuous learning.

I’m no chef, unless being a home chef counts.
I have no formal training, just lots of trial and errors, while I make mistakes and learn as I go along the kitchen.
Most of the recipes are my own. Some are adaptations or inspirations from YouTube Channels, Food Sites and other food blogs.
Some are my versions of food I ate at restaurants.
The one thing in common is that I try them all out first, and fastidiously check the ingredients and measurements and then try changing them to what I hope is better, easier and sometimes even healthier.

And now, here we are…

I’ve been thinking of starting a Food Blog for a while, and I’d like to give a shout out to my bestie Varthika and my husband Nagaraj for all their help and support in getting it up and going!

This blog will be chronicling my culinary journey and I really hope you folks enjoy following it as much as I do making it.

Feel free to share any of my recipes and posts but please do credit my blog, tag me and mention that you found it here first. I do my best to give credits to all my sources as well.

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Join me on my journey to find paradise on your plates too!