Walnut Ghriba Recipe – Moroccan Cookies (Gluten Free)

Walnut Ghriba Recipe – Moroccan Cookies with detailed Step by Step Pictures.

Ghriba (sometimes also called as ghoriba) is the Moroccan variant of a nutty cookie popular throughout Northern Africa and most Arabic countries. These cookies are made with walnuts and it has no flour, it’s gluten free.

Walnut Ghriba are soft, chewy and tastes delicious with a cup of milk, tea or coffee! This is 100% “nuts” which has full of walnuts and no flour. The texture of these cookies are soft and crumbly. Ready in less than 30 minutes.

Walnuts are the star in this recipe, so if you love walnuts you’ll be very pleased. If you don’t like walnuts, you can try almonds instead. My husband and my little one likes these cookies a lot and they tell me to make it often. I recently made a batch of these cookies for my friends and their kids. They liked a lot and said it’s so perfect and tastes delicious!

I have been making these cookies every few weeks and they are very easy to make and tastes delicious! I adapted my version of this classic recipe from cookingwithalia.com by Alia. In Morocco these cookies are very popular and are often made during special occasions such as weddings, engagements parties, baby showers and Eid. With the addition to these cookies, there is a Moroccan Fried Chicken Recipe on my blog.

Preparation Time15 Minutes
Baking Time12 – 15 Minutes
Yields8 Cookies
Raw Walnuts2 1/4 Cups (225 Grams)
Brown Sugar/White Sugar1/2 Cup (50 Grams)
SaltA Pinch
Egg1 (Yolk and White Separated)
Baking Powder1/2 tsp
Melted Butter1/2 tbsp
Powdered SugarAs Required for rolling

How to make Walnut Ghriba Recipe – Moroccan Cookies with Step by Step Pictures:

Ingredients (Refer table for exact measurements)
Making the cookie mixture
  • In a blender/food processor, grind the walnuts until you get a fine mixture. In a large bowl, add the blended walnut, sugar, baking powder, egg yolk and a pinch of salt. Mix well using your hands until all the ingredients are well incorporated. Now, add the melted butter to the mixture and continue mixing.
Rolling the cookies
  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Roll the dough into small balls. Once you roll a cookie ball, dip it in the egg whites, then in the powdered sugar until its completely covered with powdered sugar. Continue with the remaining cookie dough. Make sure to space the cookies in the baking sheet as they will expand when baking.
  • Place the rolled cookies in a baking pan lined with parchment paper. Give a little tap to the cookies to flatten them a bit.
Baking the cookies
  • Bake the cookies for around 12-15 minutes (depending on the oven).
  • The cookies will still be soft when you remove them from the oven, but they should not be runny. The cookies will harden when they cool down.
  •  Let the cookies cool down for around 10 minutes, then gently remove them from the baking pan and sprinkle some powdered sugar on the top. If you don’t want, you can skip this sprinkling.
  • Let the cookies completely cool down before serving.

Please do try this recipe and share it with your family and friends! I would love to hear what you think if you try this recipe. Just post a comment in the recipe below. Tag me on Instagram @sweetkaaramcoffee if you make this, or any of my other recipes, I’ll re-share on my stories.


  • You can also roast the walnuts for couple of minutes in a low heat and cool it and then grind it.
  • You should keep the cookies in an airtight container.
  • As it is a gluten free cookies (no flour) the texture will be crumbly.
  • You can use granulated white sugar instead of brown sugar.

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  1. Angela steffi says:

    Looks delicious , thank you for this yummy recipe Karthigha


    1. Karthigha says:

      Thank you so much ☺️


  2. Gluten-free and delicious? Sounds like a must-try cookie! Thanks for sharing,
    -The Blogging Zoomer

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    1. Karthigha says:

      Thank You! Plz try and let me know your feedback!


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